A famous Indian sweet, created in a crispy spiral design from plain flour in golden sugar syrup

Pata Gathiya

Gram flour, ground pepper and carom seeds are the making of a traditional Indian breakfast

Bateta Wada

Mashed potato with special spices coated with gram flour and deep fried

Bateta Pawa

Flaked rice, sweetcorn and cubed potatoes. Served hot and garnished with coriander

Methi Gota

Fenugreek and gram flour dumplings

Daal Wada

Deep fried mixed lentil dumplings

Sev Khamani

Split chick peas topped with chutney and sev

Ragda Petis

Potato cakes served with gungo peas in thick gravy

Idli Sambar

Rice flour cakes with daal

Aloo Paratha

Potato stuffed paratha


Soft droplets of loose bundi in golden sugar coating