Known for its distinctive buttery palate, rich flavours and tandoori cooking style, Punjabi cuisine originates from the northwestern part of India. A lot of the region’s famous recipes are cherished around the world, including Daal Makhani, Mattar Paneer, Tandoori Chicken and Lassi. Veer Events’ extensive Punjabi menu brings a taste of India to your table and gives your guests an unforgettable culinary experience.Noted for its lush rolling landscapes and fertile soils, Punjab produces a variety of delicious homegrown ingredients. They are creatively combined with spices such as coriander seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamoms and cloves to bring out their fullest flavour. At Veer Events, the well-trained chefs will put passion into every plate and deliver an authentic taste of the Punjab region. A selection of Punjabi menu samples are listed below or find our full selection here.

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Inspired by the vibrant western Gujarat region of India and its Hindu and Jain influences, Gujarati catering is primarily vegetarian. Introducing a delicious balance of salty and sweet flavour combinations, Veer Events has partnered with the finest Gujarati cuisine specialists to produce dishes that capture the essence of this coastal Indian state.Gujarati cuisine has a distinctive lightness that stems from the ghee (oil substitute) that the fresh ingredients are cooked in. The result is a cuisine that is simple, uncomplicated and utterly delicious. Traditionally, Gujarati food is served on a silver thali tray, with small bowls that hold a smorgasbord of dishes. Typical platter items include daal, vegetable curry, rice, savoury snacks, sweet and sour chutneys, pickles and Indian sweets. The buffet of sweet, savoury, hot and cold flavours takes your guests on an exciting gastronomic journey. A selection of Gujarati menu samples are listed below or find our full selection here.

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Veer Events strictly abide by religious dietary laws and we work with trusted halal meat suppliers when required. Halal is Arabic for ‘permissible’, meaning that all meat must adhere to the Islamic laws as outlined in the Qur’an. Our local halal providers can guarantee full traceability of the meat to show how it was processed, stored and prepared.Specific cleansed equipment and utensils are also used at halal events and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the kitchens are appropriate at your chosen venue. We are proactive about meeting our clients’ catering needs and committed to maintaining strict food standards at all times. A selection of halal menu samples are listed below or find our full selection here.

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Veer Events are highly skilled in delivering enticing, flavour-filled vegetarian dishes created from local sustainably sourced produce. India has one of the lowest rates of meat consumption in the world and so vegetarianism has become an integral part of its cuisine. Our talented chefs are well accustomed to providing a large variety of vegetarian meals on a mass scale for weddings, parties and corporate events.Veer Events endeavours to respect all religious and dietary requirements and clients often compliment our careful preparation methods. We are fully transparent with our cooking processes and will invite you to view the vegetarian kitchen areas and isolated refrigeration facilities. Our kitchens have passed audits with excellence by companies such as Tesco, the Hilton group and Marriott hotels. A selection of vegetarian menu samples are listed below or find our full selection here.

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Turkish & Lebanese

We work with well-established chefs for our Turkish and Lebanese Cuisine. We select only the best quality Meats and Fresh ingredients, to ensure we capture the full and fresh flavours. From our Hummus and Baba Ganoush, to the Fattoush salad and Tabbouleh we guarantee everything is made from the freshest ingredients- and not to mention our Mixed Grill, it really is heaven on a platter!A selection of Turkish and Lebanese menu samples are listed below or find our full selection here.

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Do Veer Events have vegan and vegetarian menus?

Yes, a large proportion of Veer menus are vegetarian and vegan based. There are a vast selection of choices to suit all dietary requirements.

Where do the menu tastings take place?

Menu tastings take place in at Veer Events’ headquarters at Unit 16 Buzzard Creek Industrial Estate, River Road, Barking, IG11 0EL

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