Gujarat is a state in the western region of India. Influenced by Hinduism and Jainism, Gujarati catering is almost strictly vegetarian. We are happy to provide food which caters for strict vegetarian diets, including Jain (abstaining from onion, garlic etc). The combination of the salty with the sweet is unique to the Gujarati palate. The cuisine is simple, uncomplicated and utterly delicious. Ghee is substituted for oil in Gujarati catering which means the food is not as heavy.

In the Gujarati Catering industry, there are countless caterers. But very few of these caterers can offer the years of event organising expertise and knowledge that Veer Events London owns. The operations and logistics of putting events together in a seamless fashion is a skill perfected over time. We do not proclaim to be expert Gujarati caterers, we work with two renowned Gujarati catering companies who are well established and very well known. The Gujarati caterers cook onsite alongside  our team to ensure freshly prepared items are served for the banquet. As wedding caterers, we are able to offer packages which include wedding venues as well as the food and services. Please see our venues section for a full list of recommended wedding venues.


Gujarati Menu

The traditional method of serving Gujarati food is on a silver platter (a thali) with a selection of small bowls to hold am array of items. The famous Gujarati thali consists of Daal, Vegetable Curry, Rice, Savoury snacks, sweet and sour chutneys, pickles and Indian sweets. At events where there are  large numbers of people to serve, this is translated into a grand buffet. All the food, whether hot, cold, sweet, savoury is served simultaneously. This works really well as a lighter lunch option after a wedding ceremony when there is a wedding reception with a heavier meal in the evening. Please see our Gujarati banqueting menus for the choices available, should you require any assistance with this, the team at the office is available at hand to advise you.

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Do Veer Events have vegan and vegetarian menus?

Yes, a large proportion of Veer menus are vegetarian and vegan based. There are a vast selection of choices to suit all dietary requirements.

Where do the menu tastings take place?

Menu tastings take place in at Veer Events’ headquarters at Unit 16 Buzzard Creek Industrial Estate, River Road, Barking, IG11 0EL

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