Aloo Palak

Baby Potato with Spinach

Paneer Jalfrezi

Diced paneer pan fried with onions, peppers and tomatoes

Shahi Korma

Mashed cottage cheese and vegetable pieces cooked

Dum Aloo

Baby potatoes cooked in a tomato and onion gravy

Shyam Savera

Spinach balls stuffed with paneer, cooked on a slow flame in a shahi gravy

Bhuna Gobi Mattar

Cauliflower and peas cooked with Bhuna style spices

Alu Ravaiya

Slow roasted baby potatoes and baby aubergines stuffed with spices in a thick masala

Alu Chollay or Punjabi Chollay

Punjabi style chickpeas cooked with fresh potatoes (or without)

Achari Bhindi

Diced Okra, with Onions tomato’s, green chillies, and spices

Palak Channa

Fresh Spinach cooked with chickpeas in a tomato based gravy

Daal Makhani

Classic black lentils cooked overnight on a slow fire with cream and ghee

Daal Bukhara

Black Mah daal cooked on a slow fire with butter and spices

Channa Daal

Yellow lentils prepared with traditional Punjabi spices

Tarka Daal

Yellow lentils prepared with traditional Punjabi spices, topped with fried onion, and garlic

Tinda Masala

Sumptuous fresh baby pumpkin curry

Karahi Mexican Mixed Vegetables

Fresh vegetable julienne in a Smokey tomato gravy

Mushroom Masala

Fresh whole mushrooms cooked in a rich masala gravy

Tava Vegetables (Dry)

Potatoes, Okra, Mushroom, Baby Aubergine, all tossed in spices