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Indian Catering is an umbrella term for so many different types of cuisine. With a population of 1 billion, India is vast and the many different regions and states have their own particular style of cooking. The food of India is extremely diverse as ingredients, spices and cooking methods vary hugely from region to region. The Indian Catering industry is therefore just as diverse. Indian catering companies offer various services and will specialise in certain cuisines. Identifying the regions is a simple and generalised way of describing the typically recognized main cuisines of India.

Starting from the North, Punjabi food is famous for the popular Tandoori style of cooking. Meats, vegetables and breads are cooked in a coal heated clay oven giving each item a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Then we have Gujarati cuisine which is mainly vegetarian and where pulses are a very important source of protein. Usually the meal is served in a thaliĀ which is a tray containing a number of small bowls in which the various dishes are served. A typical thali meal would consist of two types of vegetable, a dahl (lentil dish), rice, a bread and a sweet dish.

Moving on South and in contrast to Gujaratis, Maharashtrians enjoy meat and fish in their diets. On the eastern coast, seafood is a traditional part of an evening meal for the people of Bengal. Fish is a staple item in the diet of Bengalis.

In the southern most tip of India, Keralan cuisine consists of meat, fish and vegetables flavoured with a specific blend of spices and ingredients which give the dishes a sweet and spicy flavour. Coconut and rice are staple ingredients in Keralan food.

As an established and experienced Indian catering company, Veer Events can offer a variety of cuisines. The catering section in this website has been organised in such a way that it enables clients to identify the different types of Indian catering with ease  as well as the multi-cuisine catering options offered by Veer Events. Please select one of the options in the scroll down bar for catering services.