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Indian Caterers

Founded by the Luther family over 30 years ago, Veer Events is the UK’s most innovative Asian Gourmet Caterer.  Providing a rich, bespoke experience in the catering and events industry. Veer Events selects only the finest ingredients, the freshest of products and utilises the services of an award winning chef to create our signature dishes and ensure that only the best is served at your table.

Originally specialising in Punjabi cuisine, Veer Events continuously strives to create new recipes, enhance traditional recipes and produce the excellent quality that we have become famous for. With today's ever changing environment, brides and grooms of today prefer to have a fusion of their menu choices to make things a bit more interesting from the norm. Our chefs are continually creating innovative designs and flavours to ensure today's needs are met.

For most clientele, there are religious requirements that must be considered. For our strictly vegetarian customers, we have a separate kitchen area and isolated cold storage unit for the preparation and storage of vegetarian food.

For our striclty  Muslim clients, we purchase meats from Certified Halal butchers.
Asian catering is an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of cuisine. Our team of expert chefs have numerous skills enabling us to serve a huge variety of dishes originating not only from various parts of the Indian sub-continent but also from different parts of the world. We utilise specialist creative chefs that work at some of London's most famous restaurants, from the Likes of Dishoom and Sexy Fish, Mayfair.


Winner of “Caterer of the year” from The London Curry Awards 2018